A network contains a list of devices and relevant information, such as configuration, SSID, radio settings, and firmware upgrade history. Each network contains a single configuration set for its devices, so if you have multiple configurations for devices, you can create a separate network to handle that.

Adding a network

  1. Click Menu > Choose organization or hierarchy > Create network

2. Enter a name for the network, select the country, time zone, and then click Create.

If total networks in an Organization are more than 500, Users might experience unexpected slow responses or issues on Cloud.

Edit Network

Network name, country, and timezone can be edited as needed. Follow the steps below to edit a network.

Choose network > Edit

Delete Network

If you no longer need a network that you previously created, you can delete it.

Follow these steps to delete a network.

  1. Click Menu > Choose network > Delete

2. Popup is displayed. Click Confirm.

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