SSID Troubleshooting Naming Rules

There is a management SSID that lets users know the current status when an access point connects to EnGenius Cloud. If an access point has lost its connection to the Internet but still receives power, it will broadcast a management service set identifier (SSID) that can be connected to for administrative tasks.

Connect to the default SSID by completing the following steps:

  1. Physically check that the access point has power.

  2. Check if a known default SSID is being broadcast.

  3. If a management SSID is being broadcast, connect your device to it.

  4. After connecting, check your gateway IP address to connect to the local status page. If you can't find the gateway IP, please make sure the access point is in NAT mode.

Management SSIDS


Cause: AP does not have Ethernet connection.

Solution: Check if the Ethernet cable is unplugged.


Cause: AP cannot get an IP address from DHCP server.

Solution: Check the AP's IP address configuration.


Cause: AP’s IP address conflicts with another device's IP in the same network.

Solution: Check the AP's IP address configuration.


Cause: AP is unable to connect to its default gateway.

Solution: Check the AP's IP address configuration and connectivity to its default gateway.


Cause: AP could not access Internet through HTTP/HTTPS proxy.

Solution: Check the AP’s proxy configuration in miscellaneous settings.


Cause: AP could not resolve the domain name from the DNS server.

Solution: Check the AP's IP address configuration.


Cause: Everything seems to be working, but a connection to EnGenius Cloud cannot be established.

Solution: Check EnGenius Cloud server status with EnGenius.

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