Network topology is a powerful tool to provide administrators a graphic overview of the logical network topology and the status of EnGenius devices.
Use this screen to view the topology of the Org/Network. Click Manage > Topology to access this screen and double-click the organization/hierarchy view/network on the tree to change the scope.
Learn which physical links in your network are most heavily-trafficked; simply hover over individual network links and devices to learn statistics about that connection’s negotiated speed, usage, and a number of directly connected clients using it in the past 5 minutes.
The following describes the functions on this screen:
Show label : Click to display or hide the device name & HW status on each device.
HW status : Click to display or hide the POE Utilization on each switch.
Redundant : Click to display or hide the redundant link .
Other Devices : Click to display the third party devices as well as EWS series devices.
Export : Click to download topology as PDF format .

Last modified 3yr ago