Application Control

AVExpress offers an end-to-end Quality of Service (QoS) solution specifically designed for crucial audio/video (AV) applications, including video conferencing, multi-media streaming, and gaming. It enables users to prioritize traffic based on its importance, ensuring that critical applications receive the necessary bandwidth and low latency for uninterrupted operation.

EnGenius AP will mark DSCP to those traffic to make sure it also gets the same level of priority through EnGenius Switches to reach end-to-end priority

you can access this page through Configure > SSID > Application Control

Application Aware: This allows users to see the application analysis on the client page . Disabling application awareness may improve WiFi performance.

AVXpress: Voice-related traffic will be prioritized as the highest level (Express), other traffic will be under General as normal applications, just like AVXpress is disabled. Fast is in the midst between Express and General ; it gets higher priority than General, but less than Express


If you set any video conferencing, streaming, or gaming to Express priority, which also means those applications will share the priority as Voice, if the traffic is high, then it will impact "Voice" quality.

The available firmware is 1.X.80 or above.

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