Outlet AutoReboot

If Outlet AutoReboot is Enabled, PDU will perform a power cycle for outlets that are ON when communication with the assigned Website/IP Address is lost.

You can access this page from Manage > PDUs > Detail > AutoReboot

Outlet AutoReboot will not be able to function when the outlet's never power off is Enabled.

Configuring the Outlet Reboot

To configure the outlet reboot, complete the following steps:

  1. Select the outlet from the list and click Edit.

  1. Enable the AutoReboot function.

  2. Specify the condition that prompts an auto reboot and enter the host details.

  1. Click OK and then click Apply.

Outlet Timeout settings

This allows you to configure the Autoreboot timeout settings.

  • AutoReboot Ping interval: the time period that will ping to the connected devices.

  • AutoReboot Delay time: Sets the amount of time before AutoReboot resumes pinging once an auto reboot has been performed.

  • AutoReboot Attempts: Amount of Auto Reboots to attempt when communication with a Website/IP Address is lost.

While the outlet is attempting to reboot, adjusting the configuration of other outlets will reset the ongoing reboot attempts.

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