802.11 Settings


802.11r is a standards-based fast roaming technology that is leveraged when using a secure SSID (WPA2-PSK & WPA2-Enterprise). This option improves client device roaming by reducing the handoff delay in situations where client devices roam from one access point to another. 802.11r is disabled by default on EnGenius Cloud.

This feature can be enabled from the Configure > Access Point > SSID page under Network Scope.

If this option cannot be enabled, please go to Wireless > Security Type to select WPA2 PSK/ WPA2 Enterprise /WPA3 Personal (SAE) /WPA3-Personal/WPA2-PSK mixed in advance.


802.11w is enabled when Security Type is not Open. 802.11w enables Protected Management Frames (PMF) for management frames such as authentication, de-authentication, association, disassociation, beacon, and probe traffic. This enables APs to help prevent rogue devices from spoofing management frames from APs. Enable 802.11r will allow APs to begin utilizing Protected Management Frames for any clients that support 802.11w.

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