Outlet Scheduling

This allows you to view and configure outlet schedules that can be applied to the outlets. Below screens display the existing schedules visually. Click Manage > PDUs > detail > Schedule to access this screen

Edit Outlet Scheduling

  1. Select the outlets to be set for the outlet scheduling then click Edit

2. Enable scheduling and customize the outlet on or Off by dragging the bar. This behavior is the same when you configure the SSID/ PoE scheduling.

  • Available: the outlet will be powered on according to the scheduled criteria.

  • Unavailable: the outlet will be powered off according to the scheduled criteria.

3. If you want to do the outlet reset, click outlet reset and then drag the icon to the specific time.

  • Outlet reset: Specify when to temporarily disable and enable the outlet when the outlet's availability is set to Available.

4. Click Apply.

Outlet Schedule can be configured up to three timeslots in a day

Provide a more flexible schedule configuration, allowing users to adjust the specific days of the week for each outlet according to environmental needs to set up to three available time slots.

How to do it:

1. Navigate to MANAGE > PDUs > Schedule to select the specific outlet and then click the Edit Button.

2. Use the parameters of the "Time Slider" to adjust the availability of time slots for each day.

Available firmware: PDU firmware v1.0.5 or later version.

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