VPN settings for Android

Andriod 11 connects to VPN IPsec Xauth PSK

1. Go to Setting > Connection & Sharing

2. Click VPN

3. Click add VPN

4. Set Office Profile Name, Security type, Server address IP, IPsec pre-share key, Username, and Password, and Click the Save button.

5. Click Office VPN profile to start a connection, When the VPN client connects to the VPN server, it will show the key icon on the top bar status, and the Profile name will show connected.

6. When you want to disconnect the VPN connection, please click the toggle button to disconnect VPN.

Must know

EnGenius Gateway supports IKEv1, so if you use Android 13 or a later version you will not to use the Client VPN because Android 13 only supports IKEv2.

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