Voucher Service

This guide is intended to help you set up your network to generate and accept vouchers. With vouchers, you control access on a per-user basis by generating guest passes you can provide to users.

Vouchers can be set to specific time increments and are ideal for hotels, coffee shops, apartments, etc. where you want to limit network access to users for a specific period of time.

Enable Voucher Service

Enable the voucher service by clicking Configure > SSID > Captive portal > Voucher Service.


  1. Please make sure that the Security Type at Configure > SSID > Association has been configured as open or WPA2 PSK before trying to enable Voucher Service. Since the Voucher Service is capable of generating user/password randomly, it can not work with a dedicated WPA2 Enterprise authentication server.

  2. Please make sure you add the Front desk account to the EnGenius Cloud by adding user front-desk privilege before you click to send a notification to the Front desk manager.

Remember to click on the Apply button at the top-right corner to confirm your change on SSID settings.

Management URL and Access Plan

Management URL

For each enabled voucher service, a dedicated Management URL is created. Any team members who have permissions of Front-desk Manager or Administrator can log in that specific URL and manage Voucher Users there.

Access Plan

In addition, you can create different Plans for voucher user to identify how long a voucher user can access the network (Access Time) and how many simultaneous login are allowed for that user (Simultaneous Login).

Plan Start Time

The plan start time is an option that defines the plan of voucher service is activated when an account is created or after the account's first login.

Managing Voucher Users

Generating Guest Pass

The first page after you login the Management URL of Voucher Service allows you to generate guest account/password with different manners:

A network Administrator or Front-desk Manager can firstly select a access plan and then select to generate account/password of voucher user automatically or manually. Auto Generation allows you to generate Guest pass in batch , you can fill in the number of the Guest Pass you want to create.

Managing Voucher User

Click on the User Management Button in the toolbar.

A Guest Management Page is performed to list all generated voucher user. You can edit the properties of a voucher user by clicking the user_id of that user or pick the users in that list to delete.

In the Guest Management Page, you can also select the users and click on the print button to print the voucher info for end-user. This feature allows you to print voucher users in batch.

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