Troubleshooting ECW AP

  1. Check the LED Status to see if any problem encountered. If Power LED keeps flashing for over 10 minutes, then there could be Cloud connection issues.

  2. Use your mobile phone to scan if Default SSID of the AP found. (you have to be around the AP location) From the Default SSID, you can also identify which stage the AP is stuck on. See details of Default SSID.

  3. To troubleshoot the connection issue, you may login to Local page:

    1. Use your client device (e.g., a laptop, mobile device, or tablet) to find the SSID: “EnMGMTxxxx” (xxxx is the last four digits of LAN MAC which can be found on the back of the device) and connect to it.

    2. Enter the URL in web browser: http://EnGenius.local or the IP to access the device’s user interface. You can review device status after logging into the AP with the default account/password ( default admin account/ password : admin/ admin.)

Issue: Cannot find Default SSID

1. Check for available wireless networks (Check if a known default SSID is being broadcast).

2. If a default SSID is being broadcast, connect your device to it.

3. If no known default SSIDs are present, set up a manual wireless network connection. For the SSID name, use 'EnMGMT', e.g. 'EnMGMTxxxx', where the x's are replaced with the last four digits of the LAN MAC address.

4. After connecting, open a web browser and connect to one of the local access page addresses.

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