Managing Access Points
This screen allows you to view the detailed information about your access points in the selected scope.
Click Manage > Access Points to visit the page, and double-click the organization/hierarchy view/network on the tree to change the current scope.
The following describes the functions on this screen:
Move: Select one or multiple access points and click to move the AP(s) to another hierarchy view/network.
Remove From Networks: Select one or multiple access points and click to remove from the current org/hierarchy view/network.
Add From Inventory: Click to add access points from your inventory
Detail: Click to display individual access point details

Customizing Access Point Radio Settings

You can override the network's default radio settings of an individual access point if needed.
Follow these steps to customize the radio settings of a network.
    Choose an access point from the list to show its expanded settings.
2. In the Radio section, click the checkbox below the lock icon to override default settings.
3.Configure the following settings for both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz radio band:
    Tx Power
    Channel Width
4. Click Apply.

Customizing the WLAN Settings of an Access Point

This shows SSIDs and allows you to override the default SSID setting.
Follow these steps to configure to enable the SSID, or hide the SSID of a network.
1. In the WLAN section, click checkbox near lock icon to override default settings.
2. Configure SSID to be enabled or hidden per your request.
3. Click Apply.
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