Managing Access Points

Once you created Orgs and Networks to define the scope of managed networks, next step is to add the devices to the managed network and manage them. To manage the Access Points in a Network, trigger the toolbar menu at the left-hand side: Manage > Access Points.

Add an AP to Network

Click on Add from Inventory button. You can then pick the devices registered to the Org previously and add them to current Network.

Must Know:

One device can only be added to one network. All devices in the same network should apply the same network-wide settings except the settings are overridden individually.


when you have multiple Org/Networks, you can stay in the AP list page and directly change the scope of Org/Networks. The system would lead you to different AP list pages quickly.

Quickview Panel

Single click on the row of a AP (anywhere but hyperlink). It invokes a Quickview Panel that helps showing important status and key configurations for you. User can quickly finetune settings and do comparisons among different APs without going in and out different pages.

Customize Radio Settings

It's pretty common that for some cases you need to set channel or Tx power for specific APs. This would require the capability to override network's default radio settings.

Follow these steps to customize the radio settings for an AP.

  1. Choose an access point from the list to show its expanded settings.

2. In the Radio section, click the checkbox below the lock icon to override default settings.

3.Configure the following settings for both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz radio band:

  • Channel

  • Tx Power

  • Channel Width

4. Click Apply.

Customize SSID settings

Although APs in the same network share the same SSID settings, sometimes you just do not want a specific AP to enable all SSIDs in the network. For example, you don't want the SSID of financial department to be enabled and accessible everywhere. In the Quickview Panel, you can also finetune and override SSID settings.

Follow the steps to override network-wide settings and enable or hide the SSID of a network.

1. In the WLAN section, click on the checkbox near lock icon to override default settings.

2. Configure SSID to be enabled or hidden per your request.

3. Click Apply.

Manipulate APs in a Network

Once you have APs added to the network, you can apply more actions on the APs:

  • Move

    Select one or multiple access points and click to move the AP(s) to another hierarchy view/network.

  • Remove

    Select one or multiple access points and click to remove from the current org/hierarchy view/network.

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