Managing Team Members

Use this screen to view, manage, and create user accounts for organization/network.

Click Team Member icon to access this screen.

The Team Member page contains the following information about each member:

  • Name : member name .

  • Email : member email .

  • Org Permissions : member's org permissions .

  • Network Managed : Displayed numbers of member's network permissions , hovering on the permission badge will display the network .

  • Status : Member account status . Active means member has completed the signup . Invited means invitation mail had been sent but member hasn't complete the signup .

  • Last login : time that user last logged in .

  • Modify : click to modify the member permissions .

Invite New Members

You can invite multiple users and assign them permissions for entire organization trees at once.

  1. Input the user email, one per row.

2. Assign member privileges for a network or organization.

3. Click Apply to save changes.

Modify Member Permissions

  1. Click Modify.

  2. Change the Permission based on the organization trees.

  3. Click Apply.

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