General Settings

Use this screen to change the general settings for the network, such as the Network name , device login password. Click Configure > General Setting to access this screen.

Edit Network

Network name, country, and timezone can be edited as needed. Follow the steps below to edit a network.

  1. Click edit button to change network name

  2. Select Country, Timezone and then click Apply

Local Credential

This feature allows you to configure the login account of local web GUI for devices. The settings here apply to all APs and Switches in this Network .

Note that username and password could be blank if you don't want to change device login account of local web GUI.

Remote System Log

The Remote System Log gives you the capability to remotely log syslog events from a device on EnGenius Cloud to your external logging server.

You can enable and configure the remote logging feature from Configure → General setting→ Syslog server.

  • Status: Enable to open the function to the remote system log.

  • Log server address: Specify the IP address or host name of the syslog server.

  • Log server port: Specify the port of the syslog server. The default port is 514.