Hotspot 2.0

Hotspot 2.0, also known as Passpoint, is a service provider feature that assists with carrier offloading. Hotspot 2.0 SSIDs include additional 802.11u information that supported client devices can use to determine if they are able to join the network automatically.

Operation Name : Input the displayed Hotspot 2.0 network name

Venue Name / Type : Input the Venue Name .

Venue Type : Specify the venue groups to be advertised in the IEs from APs associated with this hotspot profile.

Network Type : Access the network type in beacon.

Domain List : This information element specifies the APs domain name.

Roaming Consortium List : This information element contains information identifying the network and service provider, whose security credentials can be used to authenticate with the AP transmitting this element. Input the Roaming Consortium Organization Identifier

3GPP Cellular Network Info: This information element defines information for a 3GPP Cellular Network for hotspots that have roaming relationships with cellular operators. Input the mobile country code and mobile network code.

NAI Realm : This information element identifies and describes a NAI realm accessible using the AP and the method that this NAI realm uses for authentication. Input the Network Access Identifier Realm Names.

Must know

SSID security type must be WPA2 /3 Enterprise

AP firmware requires 1.X.75 or above.

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