Diag Tools

This allows you to run the diagnostic tests that can help the Network administrator to troubleshoot.

Under switch detail page > you can easily see the “Diag Tools” icon

Under Manage > Switches > Diag

So the Full-screen tools are displayed, So you can use them.

The Switch diag tool is required SW firmware V1.2.60 and above except for Packet capture is V1.2.61 and above.


Overall port status view - It’s a good way to let users see all ports throughput at a glance

The bar indicates the throughput of the port and the color of the bar indicates the speed of the port.

CRC error

This is an important indication to see if anything is wrong with the transmission including the cable issues. The red square indicates there are CRC errors found. Users can mouse over to the port and see more details of throughput and CRC error count.

Clients list (FDB)

This is the real-time client list of the Switch or the content of the forwarding table. Users can refresh the table by clicking the refresh button

Cable Diag

Cable diag helps to check the Cable status of selected ports. (It can be multiple selections) and will show the possible distance of breaking points.

ARP Table

In order to send packets on LAN, network devices need to know the IP and MAC address of the hosts they intend to communicate with. Address Resolution Protocol provides the mechanism to determine the MAC address associated with an IP address. These IP to MAC bindings are stored in each switch's ARP cache.

Packet Capture

The packet capture utility can be used to observe live network traffic passed by EnGenius Switches. Since captures provide a live snapshot of traffic on the network, they can be immensely helpful in diagnosing and troubleshooting network issues. This article outlines how to remotely take a packet capture in Diag tools.

How to use it

  1. Choose ports to capture packets > input Duration in sec > click on “Capture”, then the Switch will collect the packets and download them with the .pcap file

2. Download Wireshark or other packet analysis tools to open up the .pcap file

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