Managing Clients
EnGenius Cloud provides management views that collect information about connected clients in your organization/hierarchy view/network.
Click Manage -> Clients to access this screen and double-click the organization/hierarchy view/network on the tree to change the scope.

Filtering the Clients List

The list of clients can be customized based on time intervals, and the chart can be customized based on time intervals and SSIDs. To change these parameters, use the appropriate dropdown menu at the top of the screen.

Searching for Clients

You can search for a client in the current client list by using the search. You can search by any parameter included in the search options, and it will attempt to match your query across all fields. You can also specify multiple parameters by clicking on the icon in the search box, as seen below:

Block Clients

This allows you to block clients on the current SSID that clients connected .
Once you want to unblock clients , please go to Configure > SSID > Access control to delete the Mac Address from the Block list .

VIP Clients

This allows you to make clients as VIP on the current SSID or on Network-wide that clients connected.
Once you want to delete clients from the VIP list, please go to Configure > Access control to delete the Mac Address from the VIP list.

Kick Clients

If you don't want to block clients permanently, you could just kick them so that they can connect again if they want to.