Hierarchy View

A hierarchy view is a group of networks and/or nested hierarchy views. It follows a tree-like structure much like folders on your computer's operating system.

Adding a hierarchy view

You can create hierarchy views for a new organization or an existing organization, or even within an existing hierarchy view. Click Menu > Choose organization or hierarchy view > Add hierarchy view

Edit hierarchy views

  1. You can edit the name of a hierarchy view name by clicking Menu > Choose hierarchy view > Edit

2. Change the Hierarchy View name and click Apply.

Delete Hierarchy View

You can delete hierarchy views by clicking Menu > Choose hierarchy view and then clicking on the garbage icon.

Move Network under Hierarchy View

After created Networks and associate devices, if the HV is changed, say, the Network originally belongs to North Region, and now become North-East Region, users have to change the HV and would like to move the Network under North-Region to North-East-Region. This allows users to "drag & drop" any Network to new HV under same Organization.

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