Report lets you compile reports of past activity on your Organization/HV/networks. These reports can be filtered to only include certain organizations, HV, or networks. You can send them to recipients by email and schedule them to run periodically.

How can I create Reports?

To create your reports, you need to go to the Reports located on the left panel. Under the tab ‘Task’ you will find the button ‘New Task’ and click it.

When you click on this button a new wizard will be displayed with the steps to customize report content directly

Cover letter

  • Author: Input Author and will be displayed in report cover letter)

  • Cover letter: Select the style and will be displayed in the cover letter)

  • Language: Support English only currently)

  • Logo: Upload the logo you want to display on the cover letter)

Page Content

This allows you to select page contents that will be displayed on your report. You can click the gear icon to show or hide the table data.


  1. Select Org-tree: this is the report data to collect from ).

  2. Dashboard Period: Select the day, week, or month data you want to display on the dashboard Data. eg: Throughput. Top series . )

  3. Throughput SSID: Select the SSID you want to collect on throughput data)

  4. Schedule: Select the report to be generated right now or Specific time or weekly)

  5. Email: Enter the recipient's email address that you want to send the report)


This allows you to review all the page contents and settings on a single page. If you want to change the settings, you could click back to change. If all the settings are OK, click Apply to create a task.

Reports View

The Report Tab displayed the lists of reports that the system has generated based on your task.

When you open a saved report from Report Tab, cloud will display reports that your task generated:

  1. Task name (same as report name): Click to navigate to corresponding tasks.

  2. Last report: You can easily download the last generated report by hyperlink.

  3. Numbers of reports generated by same tasks.

  4. Allows you to email this report to someone.

  5. Download report.

  6. Delete report.

Edit Task

After you created the Tasks, this page allows you to monitor the data that you have selected. There are some icons for you to know the task status and do further editing.

  1. Mail icon: This task has some email recipients that have been configured.

  2. Calendar icon: This task has been scheduled to generate a report continuously.

  3. New Task: This allows you to create another task. The basic mode only allowing you to create a single task and only have one report recorded.

  4. Edit icon: This allows you to edit the task settings.

  5. Pause icon: This allows you to temporarily stop the scheduled task.

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