Diag Tool

This allows you to run the diagnostic tests that can help the Network administrator to troubleshoot.

Under the PDU detail page > you can easily see the “Diag Tools” icon

or Under Manage > PDUs > Diag

Click it and then the Full-screen tools are displayed, So you can use them.

  • Diag Tools are all “real-time”

  • PDU diagnostic tools include (1) Activity: CPU/Memory/Power/Current (2) Ping (3) Traceroute

  • Ping: We put 3 default servers for users to check the latency change. User can also define their own server for the ping test.

  • Traceroute: By default, we set the destination site to Google for the traceroute, and max hop is set to 8, which can be changed by the user. Traceroute allows users to know “the path” from the PDU to the destination and will list every router/gateway (hop) and its latency, so if the destination is unreachable, then there must be some setting issue on the router/gateway; and from the latency of each hop, the user will know the “slow uplink” is caused by which router/gateway. When the latency is over 10ms, the color will change to yellow, and if > 40ms, the color will change to red. These color variations help you quickly identify potential performance issues in the network path. To conduct a trace, click the Trace icon.

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