Floor Plans

Floor plans allow you to simulate the heatmap. This article will discuss how to upload custom floor plans, pin them on the map, and place devices within these floor plans.

Uploading Floor Plans

Before uploading floor plans, a building must be created to contain them (see Managing Devices > Device Map Location in the user manual).

To upload a custom floor plan/map:

1. Navigate to Manage > Map & Floor plans.

2. Click Building and click Add.

3. Enter a name and then click Create.

4. Find the building you have just created in the building list and click the picture icon.

5. Enter a name and upload the floor plan, then click Apply.

Deleting a Floor Plan

If you no longer use a floor plan that you previously imported, you can delete it.

Follow these steps to delete a floor plan:

  1. Find the building you created in the building list.

  2. When the floor plan appears, hover over it and click Delete.

Virtual AP

Virtual AP” is now available for users to add virtual AP together with “physical AP”, so users can simulate the heat map if he adds more AP to increase the coverage

Add Virtual AP and choose units of models to add

The Tool icon for users to modify the tx power and channel for heat map simulation

Drag the physical AP to Virtual AP (model needs to be the same) then physical AP could use the Virtual AP configuration.

Polyline in Obstacle

When drawing the walls, users used to draw the line one by one by click “start” and “end” for straight lines, now with the “Polyline” option available, users can simply click on the turning point to draw lines quicker.

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