Manually Configuring VLANs individually

you can access this page through Configure > Switches > Detail > VLAN

Using the VLAN tab, you can manually configure VLANs on the switch. Click Add to add another VLAN.

enter the VLAN ID and VLAN name of the switch.

Click the edit button to have the Port Assignment.

You can click the Tagged field or Untagged field to assign the tagged / Untagged port.

The (T) indicates the ports that will have Tagged data.

The (U) indicates the ports that will have data Untagged

If you used to input manually. You can click the pencil icon to input the port numbers.

Remember to click Apply to finalize the settings

Configure multiple VLANs at a time using a JSON file

For Apartments or other network environments, a network administrator might need to create VLANs for each unit, so needs to create hundreds of VLANs for the whole network switches. This will help the network admin to configure VLAN at a time instead of creating the VLAN one by one in each switch.

VLAN Export

This will export the current VLAN JSON file of the switch and allows you to edit locally.

VLAN Import

You can manually set up multiple VLANs for a specific switch by importing a JSON file.

Click the example hyperlink to download the JSON file

and then adjust the VLAN settings locally

then click JSON file upload to import your custom JSON file.

So you can import VLAN settings at a time instead use the current Web GUI to edit them one by one. Please notice that It will override your VLAN settings if you ever create the VLAN manually.

After a single configuration, you can go to another Switch VLAN setting page to import the same text file, so to save time to go over the creation.

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