Port Mirroring allows you to copy packets on one or more ports to a mirroring destination port. You can attach a monitoring device to the mirroring destination port to view details about the packets passing through the copied ports. This is useful for network monitoring and troubleshooting purposes. The feature is available is at Manage > Switch < Details > Mirror

The following describe the labels on this screen :

Session id : A number identifying the mirror session. Switch supports up to 3 mirror sessions.

Session State : Select whether to enable or disable port mirroring.

Destination Port : The port which all mirrored data is sent to .

Ingress : indicates that only data being received will be mirrored.

Egress : indicates that only data being sent will be mirrored

How to configure

  1. Click the edit icon towards the right .

  2. Enable the Session state.

  3. Select the Destination port

  4. Select the Ingress and Egress port

  5. Click Apply

Port state

There are four types of port that you configured .

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