Configuring MyPSK

When setting up an enterprise wireless network, it is common to configure WPA2-PSK authentication in order to onboard different users on to the wireless network. However, IT administrators may still encounter some drawbacks with this method of authentication when they need to use different PSKs in order to assign different VLANs. MyPSK allows a network administrator to use multiple PSKs and assigned different VLANs per SSID.

Before Configuring the MyPSK Users, please make sure you have chosen the Cloud myPSK user From Configure > SSID > Wireless > Security Type > WPA2-MyPSK

Create my PSK Users

You can access this screen from Configure > EnGenius.Auth > MyPSK Users > Add Users

The following describes the labels on the popup.

Auto-Generated: Click the checkbox and then input the number of the users you want to create. Auto-Generated Users are limited to 50 per time.

PSK: Input the password for the user to log in, Auto-Generated Users will have PSK automatically.

VLAN: By SSID means the user is assigned the VLAN from the SSID which you choose to authorize. If you see the VLAN you wanted is not displayed, you could add the VLAN from Configure > VLAN Settings, then you could select from the dropdown list.

Allowed MAC: Only the User with this Mac Address could access the SSID, leave it blank if you don't want to restrict it.

Expired Date: Default is Permanent, click the checkbox to choose the expired date

User note: Add note to map “the user” to the “PSK” to “identify” the person

SSID Authorized: The SSIDs you want users to access

Edit MyPSK Users

1.Click the number on the Authorized SSIDs or each PSK

2. Allows you to edit the details of each user.


  1. It doesn't support captive portal mode or NAT mode.

  2. Each network has a limit of 5000 PSK users. This requires AP firmware 1.x.80 or above. If not, we will limit it to 1000 PSK users.

  3. In the SSID => Wireless => WPA2 myPSK , there is an option "Auth with External RADIUS Server, which is supported with AP v1.X.25 firmware or above. Available models : (ECW220/230/260)

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