Firmware Upgrade

Automatic Upgrades

EnGenius Cloud enables automatic upgrades by default and will upgrade firmware according to the Maintenance Window time period each week.

Manual Upgrade

To manually update device firmware:

  1. Select the firmware you desire to upgrade.

  2. Click Upgrade Now (If you have the devices in the New Firmware Trial Zone, you will only upgrade the Firmware on these devices. )

3. Click Apply.

New Firmware Trial Zone

Users can choose cloud devices into a New Firmware Trial Zone, so the devices in Trial Zone will be upgraded first (based on the Maintenance Window schedule), the other devices won't be upgraded within 21 days from the firmware release date. So you can prevent from the network going wrong after the firmware upgrade at one time.

Remove Device from Trial Zone

If the firmware has any issue during the trial period, you can call support or roll back to the device's previous firmware version by removing the device from Trial Zone.

Upcoming Upgrade Schedule

This allows you to know the exact Firmware Upgrade date of Trial Zone devices and other devices. So you will easily know what will be happening next.

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