Device Map Location

This screen allows you to locate a device on the world map to show the relationship between the space and EnGenius Devices. Maps provide a visualization for buildings and access points.

Create Buildings

A building means a group of floor plans. You can create a new building with the + button.

After you create a building, you can drag it to the map. Single-click on the building icon and a hyperlink will appear to allow you to edit floor plans.

How to Place Access Points or Buildings on the Map

  1. Click access point list or buildings list.

  2. Enter the street address in the address field.

  3. Drag the access point/building onto the map.

There are a number of ways to navigate through the map display.

Single Click: If the user single-clicks on the focus icon on the access point or building lists, it will auto-locate the same item in the map.

Double Click: If the user double-clicks on the building icon in the access point list, the UI will auto-navigate to the floor plans of that building.

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