LCD Panel

The LCD panel on the front of the PDU allows you to quickly access information about the PDU and its outlets. When you power on the PDU for the first time, the EnGenius logo will appear, followed by a QR code. You can scan the QR code to access the PDU quick start guide.

To access the Home page, long press the bottom of the control buttons beside the LCD panel. The Home page shows the current PDU usage, including the usage percentage, wattage, electric current, and voltage. The usage percentage is divided into four levels to indicate the overall power consumption status:

  • Green: Low usage.

  • Orange: Moderate high usage.

  • Red: High usage.

  • Dark red: Critical usage.

You can check the usage of each outlet by pressing the upper control button. Pressing the upper control button again will show the usage of the next outlet. The following screenshot shows the Outlet 6 details of an EnGenius switch (the model name is ECS1008P) that is plugged into the PDU.

The next time you power on the LCD panel, the Home page will be displayed automatically.

Using the LCD Panel

See below for how to use the LCD panel.



Status icons


PDU information


Action icon


Action icon


Control Button for Callout 3


Control Button for Callout 4

  • The function of the upper and lower control buttons depends on the corresponding icon shown on the screen.

  • Long-pressing the upper control button functions as a Go Back command.

  • Long-pressing the lower control button takes you to the Home page.

Understanding the Different Icons

See below for the different icon definitions.

To access the Menu, complete the following steps:

  1. Go to the Home page.

  2. Press the lower control button.

To navigate through the options, use the upper control button, which functions as the Next button. To view the details of a selected topic, use the lower control button as the Enter button. In some cases, you may need to drill down further to view more specific details.

Full Menu List

The following shows the available options displayed on the Menu.

Depending on the model, the options displayed on the Menu might be different.


Displays the following information when an Outlet is selected.

Press Menu > Outlets > (Select an outlet).

  • Peak Data: Recorded the highest current and power usage over a specific time interval.

  • Data Interval: Frequency at which the PDU collects and reports power/current usage information. This information is used to create the line charts in Peak Data.

  • Enable: Enables the outlet, so outlet is able to provide power to the connected device.

  • Disable: Disables the outlet, so the outlet will be powered off.

  • Reset: This will temporarily disable and enable the outlets.


Displays the power on / power off/ reset time on the schedule for each outlet.

Press Menu > Schedule


Displays the alert message for each outlet.

Press Menu > Alert


Displays the PDU details, which include the IP address, MAC address, software version, and time zone.

Press Menu > Information

Display Settings

Displays the following configurable display settings:

Press Menu > Display Settings

  • Orientation: Configures the content on the screen to be presented in a horizontal or vertical orientation.

  • Theme: Choose between a dark or light theme for the content display.

  • Screen saver: the idle time that the LCD will turn off.

QR Code

Displays the QR code to view the PDU quick start guide or product web page.

Press Menu > QR Code


Reboots the PDU. The outlets still provide power during a PDU reboot.

Press Menu > Reboot

Factory Reset

The PDU will be restored to its default settings, and all the data will be deleted. The power supply will be temporarily interrupted until the reset process is completed.

Press Menu > Factory Reset

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