Notification Center

EnGenius Cloud provides a notification mechanism for alerting you to important events that occurred. You can click the bell icon to access this screen.

Recent Notifications

This shows the event numbers that occur and is ordered by organization. You can click one of the organizations in the list to access detailed event information.


Network Subscription

This allows you to subscribe or unsubscribe to network events. When subscribed, you will receive that network's notifications.


Mobile App Notifications: You can turn on/off notifications on the EnGenius Cloud Mobile App.

Email Notification: You will receive an email digest of network events at a scheduled time if at least one event has occurred.

Email format

You will receive email formats like below if you enable the Email Notification

Click See more details to see Network events. Each card represents an individual organization and each divider inside cards represents different networks.

Filter events: On the top of page allows you to filter events. You can check or uncheck the checkbox near error and warning events.

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