PD/Auto-Cam Lifeguard

PDLG is a function that will automatically reboot PD devices when PoE switch found it was not responding. Which minimizes the downtime of network services and reduces admin effort via automatic processes.

  • In PDLG force ping mode, user have to set PD device IP manually. By keep pinging PDs, switch knows if PD is still alive or has to be rebooted.

  • PDLG also support auto mode which allows switch collecting PD information/status through LLDP preventing any PD IP changes under DHCP environment.

  • By fine tuning the reboot profiles, PDLG can correctly detects/reboot various PDs since every PD devices may have different response or bootup time.

ACLG is one of the option in PDLG auto mode. By enable ACLG, switch also considers Onvif discovery result to verify if the connected PD is surveillance device or not. Once switch make sure it is a surveillance device, it applies a ACLG reboot profile to corresponding port automatically.

  • Specified IP: Setting specified IP on a specific port.

  • Ping Interval: Setting ping IP interval on a specific port.

  • Ping Max Count: Setting ping max count on a specific port.

  • Power Recovery Interval: The waiting time between power off and power on a specific port.

  • PD BootUp Time: Setting Powered Device boot-up time on a specific port.

  • Reboot Max retry count : Setting the max number of reboot

  • LLDP/ACLG Expiry pending time: Settings the corresponding LLDP expiry pending time.

The default value of PDLG & ACLG is from the network wide profile settings

You can click lock icon to override the settings

Must know

ECS1xxx/2xxx - Switch firmware v1.2.80 or later

ECS5xxx - Switch firmware v2.2.10 or later

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