• Add CLI command for wired client-list function: wired client list { enable | disable }
  • Modify DHCP packet's host name (Option 12) to include model name and add 4 MAC address digits (2-bytes).
  • Change default configurations:
    1. 1.
      DHCP snooping is disabled by default.
    2. 2.
      Wired client list is enabled by default.
  • Add CLI command to support config VLAN range.
  • Implement CLI commands that can show current config of specified feature.
  • Add CLI commands to support displaying 5-min port utilization records for past 24 hours.
  • Add CLI command to support showing different running config.
  • Modify the LLDP-MED TLV value content when connecting to Senao Extender.
  • Support manually disable / enable cloud agent by CLI and Local GUI.
  • Change default config to disable IPv6 default route.
  • Enhance Cloud agent to support 802.1x+MAB feature.
  • Change STP default config from MSTP to RSTP.


  • Integrate ACLG (Auto-CAM life-guard) into the PDLG.
  • Add ONVIF discovery feature.
  • Change the jumbo frame size to 12KB.
  • Support VTP (VLAN trunking port) for 1 ~ 4094 VLAN ID.
  • Enclose system name for displaying in syslog messages.
  • Support system name using UTF-8.
  • Support port isolation and grouping (Please be advised the isolation settings will need re-configuration due to feature update where forward ports can be specified for a chosen port when port isolation is enabled).


  • Support MDNS and SSDP discovery protocols.
  • Support LBD function per port setting.
  • Add Private-VLAN function. (via CLI and local GUI for now)
  • Support LSP function.
  • Fine-tune the ping delay time issue.
  • Fine-tune the abnormal last update time issue for cloud_agent.
  • Support Gratuitous ARP function.
  • Support single port binding to trunking member via local GUI.


  • Add RIP/OSPF feature.
  • Add RIPng/OSPFv3 feature.
  • Enclose config update:
Maximum ARP (Host Route) : 2048
Maximum Static Route : 256
Maximum Dynamic + Static Route : 1024
Maximum Neighbor (Host Route) : 1024
Maximum Static Route : 128
Maximum Dynamic + Static Route : 512
  • Add IPv4 multiple interface configurations for cloud agent.
  • Add RIP/OSPF configurations for cloud agent.
  • Add IPv4 routing table for cloud agent.
  • Add IPv4 static route configurations for cloud agent.
  • Enhance multiple interface & address for L3-series. (IPv4 address: 4 → 16, IPv6 address: 20 → 32)
  • Enhance Cloud Agent to support MAF. (MAC address filtering)
  • Known Issue: in [MLD Snooping][Router Settings], when adding a port into static port list, the port will show as "T", instead of "S".
  • Known Issue: in [Web][Port Settings], Fiber ports will stop working after setting 1Gbps/Full from web then changing to other speed; this can be recovered by disabling/enabling the port.
  • Fix abnormal gateway configuration in the DHCP relay environment.
  • Fix abnormal LLDP TLV format for SFP port.
  • Fixed the issue of VLAN name synchronization when the VLAN name contains special characters such as parentheses (e.g., '()').
  • Add BPDU Guard / Root Guard for STP protocol feature.
  • Add SNMPv3 configurations for cloud agent.
  • Add MVR feature.
  • Enclose fix for CVE-related issue (no_dirlist).
  • Support multiple Regions (including Japan).
  • Revise system name to be “Model Name” followed by “-“ with last 4 digits of device MAC address (for example, ECS5512-38f8).
  • Support web proxy server feature in local GUI for cloud agent.
  • Enhance switch sync mechanism with cloud and cloud check-in time.
  • Enclose fix to prevent switch hang upon configuring static IPv4 address to switch device.
  • Modify the action when schedule.db changes for scheduled PoE feature.
  • Modify the log handling with Cloud about flick reboot.
  • Fix switch hang issue with IGMP and MLD for IPTV integration.
  • Fix potential segmentation fault issue for the routing feature.


  • This version is for the first release.