Switch Firmware

New Features


  • Add GET/SET SNMP community for cloud agent.

  • Fix abnormal static route entry issue.

  • Fix abnormal default gateway issue.

  • Fix abnormal uplink port issue.

  • Fix EEE feature not able to save power issue. (for all ECS Multi-G series)


  • Add Connection Diagnostic page in ECS local web management.

  • Add “Extend” link-speed mode in port setting page. (Not supported in multi-G series because it is without 10Mbps-speed.)

  • Support 2K static VLAN entries.

  • Adjust the hybrid service priority for Cloud Agent and WTP process.

  • Add "On", "Off" action for Scheduled PoE.

  • Add DHCP snooping / relay features for Cloud Agent.


  • Update LED behavior code to cope with multi-G (5Gbps/2.5Gbps) LED color change from green to amber. 10Gbps LED remains green and 100Mbps/1Gbps remain amber as in previous v1.1.35.


  • Fix DHCP client function that may cause system crash issue.


  • Resolve LBD behavior issue when STP enabled.

  • Add LLDP remote information ''system description'', ''remote capability support'', and ''remote capability enable''.

  • Renew the DNS server IP when receiving DHCP offer packet.


  • Support trunk and mirror settings for cloud management.

  • Web GUI now follows new 2020 California Password Law (SB-327) to force user changing password for a first time login.

  • Show STP block/unblock status.

  • Support configure local credential in Cloud. Note that if the cloud already configured a different credential, the local credential will be synced to the cloud one automatically.


  • Support cloud configuration on per port PVID and vlan members.