v1.39 (2021/12/22)

  • Support to change feature plan for AP and Switch.
  • Support to create and delete Organization.

v1.38 (2021/12/05)

  • Support feature plans of Basic and PRO for device categories (AP and SW).
  • Fixed dashboard issues.
  • Add a new display option, "Last Update".

v1.35 (2021/11/10)

  • Support DCS and Zero-Wait DFS in Radio Settings of Network-wide Settings.

v1.34 (2021/10/26)

  • Support Channel Statistics of selected AP.
  • Language support Thai, Indonesia, Vietnamese, Burmese, and Turkish.
  • Support Google LDAP, Local LDAP server, and Active Directory for SSID security of WPA2/WAP3 Enterprise.

v1.33 (2021/10/05)

  • Support dark mode.
  • More languages support : Nederlands, Français, Deutsch, Italiano, Pу́сский, Español, Svenska.

v1.31 (2021/08/18)

  • Add reporting task to custom and scheduling network reports.

v1.30 (2021/06/17)

  • Support search keywords for monitor logs.
  • Support Block Random MAC Connectionof client access.
  • Support HTTPS login to Captive Portal.
  • Monitor Clients Enhancement.
  • Support Backup&Restore of Network configuration.
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