• Support SNMPv3 with multiple user accounts.
  • Support application blocking feature.
  • Support 802.11r in more security types:
(a) WPA3 Personal (SAE)
(b) WPA3-Personal/WPA2-PSK mixed
(c) WPA3 Enterprise with suite-b disabled
  • Support packet capture functions.
  • WPA3-Personal supports Dynamic Client VLAN Pooling.
  • WPA3-Personal supports external Radius with VLAN assignment.
  • Support DFS channel 144.


  • Fixed the issue with high CPU loading when users enabled Air-Guard function under multiple ECW-AP S model environment.


  • Update openssl to 1.1.1n
  • Support AD server with multi-group feature.
  • Optimize Wi-Fi reload time.
  • Support Wi-Fi Calling QoS.
  • Support 1000 myPSK rules per AP.
  • Support SSID-based IPSec VPN tunneling (StrongSWAN).
  • Support EnGenius auto VPN (mediator).
  • Support SMBv2/v3 for AD authentication.
  • Support BLE Presence Reporting.


  • Adjust EAP-Enterprise rekey interval to avoid wireless IOT issues.


  • Fix hostapd daemon dead issue.
  • Add protection for hostapd zombie symptom.
  • Fix VLAN by RADIUS issue.


  • Enhance IOT client association compatibility.


  • Support RADIUS CoA disconnect-client requests (802.1x)
  • Support SmartTV SSID
  • LSP page encloses language support for Japanese language.
  • Resolved Fragattack vulnerability issues.
  • Support EoGRE tunnel and DHCP option 82.
  • WIDS supports co-defense scheme.


  • Support multiple domains of AD server.
  • Adjust DCS algorithm.
  • Recognize new iOS/MAC OS version.
  • Fixed captive portal for IPv6 issue.
  • Adjust log messages.
  • Fixed diag tool/Speed Test issue
  • Add configuration to accept RADIUS server's VLAN attribute or not.
  • Support wireless spectrum analysis.
  • Support DFS channel fallback scheme.
  • Support MAC-based authentication with RADIUS (OPEN).
  • WPA3-SAE and WAP3/WAP2 mixed mode support Dynamic Client VLAN Pooling.
  • Support zero-wait DFS.
  • Support EnGenius Air Guard features.
  • Support instant WIDS event log report.
  • Execute diag tool/All Channel Utilization by scanning radio
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