Access Point Firmware

New Features

v1.3.14 (v1.4.14 for certain AP models)

  • Apply auto-channel selection mechanism update

v1.3.12 (v1.4.12 for certain AP models)

  • Apply regulatory domain update

v1.3.11 (v1.4.11 for certain AP models)

  • Improve throughput performance on ECW115, ECW120, and ECW160

  • Adjust DTIM from 2 to 3

  • Adjust amsdu parameter from 7 to 3 for Wi-Fi 6 models

  • Turn Uplink OFDMA on by default for Wi-Fi 6 models


  • Support Client Balancing

  • Support scheduling system reboot

  • Support L2-Isolation exception rules for VIP feature

  • Support radius NAS-id/port/addr attributes

  • Support software reset-to-default for mobile App

  • Captive portal supports redirurl parameter


  • Fixed the issue that AP may become unstable when some 2.4GHz-only WiFi clients try connecting to AP.

  • Fixed the issue that AP may hang up where the SSID profile included “hidden” and users downgrade firmware from v1.3.9 to v1.3.7


Resolve connectivity issue when SSID included space character.


  • Add log for blocking message clients.

  • Add log for the action of kicking clients.


  • Adjust client isolation behavior in NAT mode.

  • Support DNS settings per SSID.

  • Support wireless association banned message.

  • Support https redirect of captive portal.


  • L2 (MAC Address) client Block List per SSID.

  • An advanced feature called Traffic Log to send more wireless client information to dedicated syslog server.

  • An advanced feature called presence reporting which makes the AP continuously gathering 802.11 probe request frames sent by wireless clients and then sending the data to specific 3rd party server.

  • Foundation to support Client Timeline in Cloud.


  • TX Power tuning options now start from 1 to 10 dBm.

  • Support LED blinking to trigger an AP to blink its LED for 10 seconds and help user to quickly identify the AP.


  • Support WPA3.

  • Support Mesh Auto Pairing.

  • Support the way to access LSP (local support page) with URL http://EnGenius.local and discover AP with Bonjour protocol.

  • Support the way to show system status with specific SSID name to ease the troubleshooting on device on-boarding.

  • NAT/Bridge mode now is configurable per SSID. They are supported only in Captive Portal in previous version.

  • Support the option to discard association requests from legacy 802.11a/b/g clients.