Access Point Firmware

v1.3.61 (v1.5.61 for certain AP models)


  • Fixed traffic log for wrong format issue.
  • Fixed abnormal banned message displaying when message length is more than one line.
  • Don't force disabling accounting server in voucher service.
  • Fixed Wi-Fi crash issue in v1.x.60 FW which caused system reboot.
  • Adjust DHCP Discover-packet sending scheme when both L2 isolation and portal are enabled.

v1.3.60 (v1.5.60 for certain AP models)


  • Update channel spec to v230404.
  • Revise L2-Isolation to allow broadcast and multicast traffics to go through.
  • Add a new function for channel candidate list.
  • Enhance Application Analysis to support per-client statistics.
  • Disable default open Management SSID.
  • Enhance DCS mechanism to support CSA (Channel Switching Announcement).

v1.3.56 (v1.5.56/v1.6.56 for certain AP models)


  • Fixed vulnerability issue (CVE-2022-38546).

v1.3.55 (v1.5.55/v1.6.55 for certain AP models)


  • Support SNMPv3 with multiple user accounts.
  • Support application blocking feature.
  • Support 802.11r in more security types:
(a) WPA3 Personal (SAE)
(b) WPA3-Personal/WPA2-PSK mixed
(c) WPA3 Enterprise with suite-b disabled

The following are for Wi-Fi 6 AP models:

  • Support packet capture functions. (Except for ECW215)
  • WPA3-Personal supports Dynamic Client VLAN Pooling.
  • WPA3-Personal supports external Radius with VLAN assignment.
  • Support DFS channel 144.

v1.3.51 (v1.5.51/v1.6.51 for certain AP models)


  • Fixed the issue that PSE function doesn’t work.


  • This f/w version is for the first release.


  • Fixed the issue that Wi-Fi STA can’t access internet with MyPSK+VLAN SSID at some environment.


  • Fixed the issue with high CPU loading when users enabled Air-Guard function under multiple ECW-AP S model environment.

v1.3.50 (v1.5.50/v1.6.50 for certain AP models)


  • Update openssl to 1.1.1n
  • Support AD server with multi-group feature.
  • Optimize Wi-Fi reload time.
  • Support Wi-Fi Calling QoS.
  • Support 1000 myPSK rules per AP.

The following are for Wi-Fi 6 AP models:

  • Support SSID-based IPSec VPN tunneling (StrongSWAN).
  • Support EnGenius auto VPN (mediator).
  • Support SMBv2/v3 for AD authentication.

The following are for AP models with Scanning Radio

  • Support BLE Presence Reporting.

v1.3.42 (v1.5.48/v1.6.48 for certain AP models)


  • Adjust EAP-Enterprise rekey interval to avoid wireless IOT issues.

v1.3.41 (v1.5.47/v1.6.47 for certain AP models)


  • Fix hostapd daemon dead issue.
  • Add protection for hostapd zombie symptom.
  • Fix VLAN by RADIUS issue.

v1.3.39 (v1.5.46/v1.6.46 for certain AP models)


  • Enhance IOT client association compatibility.

v1.3.38 (v1.5.45/v1.6.45 for certain AP models)


  • Support RADIUS CoA disconnect-client requests (802.1x)
  • Support SmartTV SSID
  • LSP page encloses language support for Japanese language.

The following are for Wi-Fi 6 AP models:

  • Resolved Fragattack vulnerability issues.
  • Support EoGRE tunnel and DHCP option 82.

The following are for Wi-Fi 6E AP models:

  • 6GHz supports HT160 bandwidth option.

The following are for AP models with Scanning Radio

  • WIDS supports co-defense scheme.

v1.3.36 (v1.5.41/42 for certain AP models)

  • Support multiple domains of AD server.
  • Adjust DCS algorithm.
  • Recognize new iOS/MAC OS version.
  • Fixed captive portal for IPv6 issue.
  • Adjust log messages.
  • Fixed diag tool/Speed Test issue
  • (The following are for Wi-Fi 6 AP models' f/w update)
  • Add configuration to accept RADIUS server's VLAN attribute or not.
  • Support wireless spectrum analysis.
  • Support DFS channel fallback scheme.
  • Support MAC-based authentication with RADIUS (OPEN).
  • WPA3-SAE and WAP3/WAP2 mixed mode support Dynamic Client VLAN Pooling.
  • (The following are for AP models with Scanning Radio)
  • Support zero-wait DFS.
  • Support EnGenius Air Guard features.
  • Support instant WIDS event log report.
  • Execute diag tool/All Channel Utilization by scanning radio

v1.3.35 (v1.5.35 for certain AP models)

  • Support DCS (Dynamic Channel Selection) by background scanning.
  • Enhance bcmc function that may block DHCP broadcast OFFER/ACK packets.
  • Support auto-channel with "Exclude DFS" config.
  • Support EnGenius cloud diagnostic mode.
  • Wi-Fi 6 AP models enclose fix for FragAttacks security issue.

v1.3.30 (v1.5.30 for certain AP models)

  • Support system-reserved IP range pool.
  • Improve Wi-Fi performance for ECW115, ECW120, and ECW160 while enabling app-detection.
  • Support RADIUS CoA disconnect-client requests.
  • Perform periodically scanning for 802.11k report without background scanning.
  • Support intelligent band-steering.
  • Support proxy ARP.
  • Support 802.1x/captive portal with Google Auth.
  • Support RADIUS WISPr traffic control and traffic quantity attributes.
  • Support RADIUS MAC-Auth in captive portal.
  • Support captive portal authentication by LDAP/AD server: single SSID, single server.
  • Support fail-safe image upgrade from cloud server for ECW115, ECW120, and ECW160
  • Update 2.4GHz HT20 auto-channel algorithm for using 1,6,11 channels.

v1.3.28 (v1.4.28/v1.5.28 for certain AP models)

  • Resolved FragAttack vulnerability issues for ECW115/120/160.
  • Optimized wireless connectivity for 11AX models.

v1.3.27 (v1.4.27 for certain AP models)

  • Fix target assert issue caused by iPhone11/iPhone12 for 802.11ax models.
  • Add log message for Wi-Fi reload event.
  • Add protection to prevent Wi-Fi interface could not be brought up.
  • Force client balancing disabled on ECW220/ECW230.
  • Update failsafe image for Dakota platform to accommodate management VLAN.
  • Optimize FW upgrade procedures on Dakota models.

v1.3.26 (v1.4.26 for certain AP models)

  • Support Facebook Wi-Fi.
  • Add client's TX/RX Byte information in disassociation event log.
  • Modify LSP Page about HTTP/HTTPS proxy setting.
  • Handle HTTP error code 504 upon check-in to cloud server.

v1.3.25 (v1.4.25 for certain AP models)

  • Handle private MAC address detection with blocked info messages.
  • Adjust mesh related syslog contents.
  • Allow SSID profile applied to LAN port for wired clients (Phase-1 enhancement for ECW115).
  • Support RSTP.
  • Support background scanning ON/OFF option.
  • Update certificate for HTTPS access to LSP page.

v1.3.23 (v1.4.23 for certain AP models)

  • Handle larger max. client limit value from cloud server.
  • Fixed the issue that LED on/off would trigger network reload with specific configurations.

v1.3.22 (v1.4.22 for certain AP models)

  • Support MAC address authentication with RADIUS server.
  • Support MyPSK with RADIUS server authentication.
  • Handle VLAN ID attribute from RADIUS authentication responses.
  • Support SSDP responder and adjust mDNS response content.

v1.3.21 (v1.4.21 for certain AP models)

  • Band Steering feature encloses improvement for 802.11k/v and utilizes 802.11r fasting roaming technique to avoid re-authentication upon connection to different radio band.
  • Procedures of applying WLAN configuration has been optimized to shorten needed time for setting update.
  • Enhance Captive Portal secure login with HTTPS-based information exchange.
  • Support my-PSK with dynamic VLAN for WPA2-PSK authentication. (only available from EnGenius Cloud, not external radius)
  • Mesh AP node supports traffic shaping.
  • Support SNMP v2/v3 for local management with Get function.
  • Support multicast to unicast per radio.
  • Captive Portal feature supports client-leave-network timeout.
  • Support Client Balancing to steer the client to connect to best available AP.
  • Support dynamic VLAN (VLAN Pooling).
  • Support Broadcast/Multicast suppression.

v1.3.15 (v1.4.15 for certain AP models)

  • Adjust channel candidates of Auto-channel selection (ACS).
  • Adjust power table limitation of Malaysia and Indonesia.

v1.3.14 (v1.4.14 for certain AP models)

  • Apply auto-channel selection mechanism update

v1.3.12 (v1.4.12 for certain AP models)

  • Apply regulatory domain update

v1.3.11 (v1.4.11 for certain AP models)

  • Improve throughput performance on ECW115, ECW120, and ECW160
  • Adjust DTIM from 2 to 3
  • Adjust amsdu parameter from 7 to 3 for Wi-Fi 6 models
  • Turn Uplink OFDMA on by default for Wi-Fi 6 models


  • Support Client Balancing
  • Support scheduling system reboot
  • Support L2-Isolation exception rules for VIP feature
  • Support radius NAS-id/port/addr attributes
  • Support software reset-to-default for mobile App
  • Captive portal supports redirurl parameter


  • Fixed the issue that AP may become unstable when some 2.4GHz-only WiFi clients try connecting to AP.
  • Fixed the issue that AP may hang up where the SSID profile included “hidden” and users downgrade firmware from v1.3.9 to v1.3.7


Resolve connectivity issue when SSID included space character.


  • Add log for blocking message clients.
  • Add log for the action of kicking clients.


  • Adjust client isolation behavior in NAT mode.
  • Support DNS settings per SSID.
  • Support wireless association banned message.
  • Support https redirect of captive portal.


  • L2 (MAC Address) client Block List per SSID.
  • An advanced feature called Traffic Log to send more wireless client information to dedicated syslog server.
  • An advanced feature called presence reporting which makes the AP continuously gathering 802.11 probe request frames sent by wireless clients and then sending the data to specific 3rd party server.
  • Foundation to support Client Timeline in Cloud.


  • TX Power tuning options now start from 1 to 10 dBm.
  • Support LED blinking to trigger an AP to blink its LED for 10 seconds and help user to quickly identify the AP.


  • Support WPA3.
  • Support Mesh Auto Pairing.
  • Support the way to access LSP (local support page) with URL http://EnGenius.local and discover AP with Bonjour protocol.
  • Support the way to show system status with specific SSID name to ease the troubleshooting on device on-boarding.
  • NAT/Bridge mode now is configurable per SSID. They are supported only in Captive Portal in previous version.
  • Support the option to discard association requests from legacy 802.11a/b/g clients.