v1.29 (2021/05/19)

  • Support Facebook Wi-Fi.

v1.28 (2021/04/30)

  • Able to setup device local GUI credential during Network creation.
  • Support to upgrade device firmware immediately.
  • Bug fix.

v1.24 (2021/04/06)

  • Support Switch PoE scheduling.
  • Support Switch PoE reset.
  • Support Switch PD lifeguard.
  • Language support Simplified Chinese.

v1.23 (2021/02/26)

  • Support Switch LED Light.

v1.22 (2021/02/22)

  • Support Network-wide Settings.
  • Support Traditional-Chinese.

v1.21 (2020/12/12)

  • Support Switch VLAN, port, and system settings.
  • Support new switch model icon: ECS1528P, ECS1552P.
  • Fix display issue when receiving notifications from different organizations.
  • Fix the crash issue when resetting the device.

v1.20 (2020/10/16)

  • Add Message Center.
  • Support Notification Settings.
  • Support SSID, Radio, and IP settings.
  • Support Management VLAN settings AP and Switch page.
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