v1.19 (2020/09/25)

  • Add VIP function for client access control.

v1.17 (2020/09/05)

  • Support Wi-Fi (SSID) settings.
  • Add bandwidth limit for SSID(s) and Client(s).
  • Add client timeline feature for a specific client.
  • Support to block suspicious client.
  • Add animated LED behavior illustration for AP.

v1.16 (2020/06/17)

  • Support Team member settings.
  • Add event type filter in Logs page.
  • Add event type filter in device detail page.

v1.15 (2020/05/28)

  • 1. Support TFA (two-factor authentication) for login method.
  • 2. Allow users to delete account and related data.
  • 3. Add “period of validity” for remote support (passcode) function.
  • 4. Add “Network” in display options for Monitor> Devices list.

v1.14 (2020/05/05)

  • 1. Increase Top N list for Monitor-Dashboard.
  • 2. Add time period filter for Monitor- Client list.
  • 3. Fix scroll down issue in Monitor-Dashboard page. (Android)
  • 4. Fix account registration issue.

v1.13 (2020/03/12)

  • 1. Fix Replace not showing in AP detail. (Android)
  • 2. Fix Replace function does not work in Switch detail. (Android)
  • 3. Fix an issue that caused Switch page crashes due to API spec changes. (iOS)

v1.12 (2020/02/27)

  • 1. Add new category to Top Application dashboard.
  • 2. Fix time zone synchronization issue for Event Log.

v1.11 (2020/01/22)

  • Monitor - Show detail information for Switch Device Page.
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