• Support Policy Route.
  • Support Gateway Access Control: VIP List and Block List.
  • Support Firewall Traffic Log - syslog server.
  • Support Packet Capture for WAN interfaces.
  • Adjust the definition and behavior of "System Name" and "Device Name"
    • Remove System Name setting from LSP.
    • Revise DHCP client hostname to {ModelName}-{MAC_last_4_digits}.
    • System Name support multi-language.
  • Automatically add a GRE port forwarding rule while adding PPTP TCP port: 1723
  • Revise Subnet Mask format of Static IP in LSP.
  • Optimize reset button behavior.
  • Fixed Gateway status issue when it shows online, it doesn't show WAN1/WAN2 IP information in Cloud UI.
  • Fixed the issue for Auto VPN where it failed if the number of ESG devices is more than 11.
  • Fixed the issue where the system becomes stuck upon continuously adding two bridge interfaces without assigning any Ethernet ports.


  • Use System Name as Host name for WAN via DHCP.
  • Enhance WAN security to close port 53 if Outbound FQDN rules are set.
  • Fixed the issue for Site-to-Site VPN connection not established after system reloading in some cases.
  • Fixed the issue for SecuPoint server to let it work in Passthrough Mode or under NAT.
  • Support URL filtering and Block page. (Cloud page to be updated)
  • Support EnGenius and 3rd-party DDNS function in Passthrough Mode. (Cloud page to be updated)
  • Support Client traffic statistics. (Cloud page to be updated)


  • Support Site-to-Site VPN Failover for ESG and Non-EnGenius Gateway.
  • Support EnGenius DDNS.
  • Support EnGenius SecuPoint VPN.
  • Fixed the routing issue upon enabling dual WAN where WAN interfaces have the same WAN gateway.
  • Note for Enhanced Security: The new firmware version (1.2.37) will remove the support for the less secure 3DES and MD5 options in IPSec Site-to-Site VPN Phase 2 settings, enhancing your data protection.


  • Add WWAN Failover Preference setting.
  • Add WWAN information for network statistics, packet loss, latency, and throughput.
  • Add USB port status for cellular dongle information.
  • Support PoE Reset function.
  • Support WAN1, WAN2, and WWAN Speed Test in Diag Tool.
  • Revise System Name synchronization mechanism: (1) ESG610 will always set "System Name" according to cloud configuration. (2) ESG610 will synchronize "System Name" ONLY ONCE from DUT to Cloud if user manually revises it through LSP.
  • Revise LSP GUI style.
  • Fixed the Failover function fail issue when WAN1 or WAN2 has been assigned an IP address but is unable to access the Internet.
  • Fixed the Failover function when it sometimes fails to resume the primary WAN connection.
  • Fixed the issue that ESG610 is unable to reconnect to Non-EnGenius peer after Site-to-Site VPN connection is disconnected.
  • Fixed the issue for incorrect type setting of Local / Remote ID in Non-EnGenius Site-to-Site VPN settings.
  • Fixed the issue for incorrect DHCP Client ID on the WAN interface where the content of Option 61 should be the MAC address of ESG610 rather than "ESG610".
  • Fixed the issue for Event Log where it continuously displays firmware upgrade and applied configuration messages while the device is being upgraded.
  • Fixed the issue for captive portal page not able to redirect to external splash page.


  • Add a function to override WAN MAC address setting on LSP.
  • Add a function to support Multi-Bridge function.
  • Add a function to support Per-Client bandwidth limitation.
  • Adjust the algorithm of Dual WAN failover function.
  • Revise Diag Tools for CPU loading stability.
  • Fixed the connection status issue where Non-EnGenius Peers' connection is connected but status is incorrect.
  • Fixed incorrect throughput result of WAN speed in Diag Tools.


  • Remove VPN disconnect message if it is caused by Re-Authentication.
  • Client VPN function failed in Passthrough mode.
  • Fail to set up DNS servers in WAN2 when WAN2's DNS server is set up to "Using Google Public DNS" or set up to "" manually.
  • SIP compatibility issue.
  • Auto VPN function sometimes doesn't work.


  • This f/w version is for the first release.
Last modified 3d ago