• Support Policy Route.
  • Support Gateway Access Control: VIP List and Block List.
  • Support Firewall Traffic Log - syslog server.
  • Support Packet Capture for WAN interfaces.
  • Adjust the definition and behavior of "System Name" and "Device Name"
    • Remove System Name setting from LSP.
    • Revise DHCP client hostname to {ModelName}-{MAC_last_4_digits}.
    • System Name support multi-language.
  • Automatically add a GRE port forwarding rule while adding PPTP TCP port: 1723
  • Revise Subnet Mask format of Static IP in LSP.
  • Optimize reset button behavior.
  • Fixed Gateway status issue when it shows online, it doesn't show WAN1/WAN2 IP information in Cloud UI.
  • Fixed the issue for Auto VPN where it failed if the number of ESG devices is more than 11.
  • Fixed the issue where the system becomes stuck upon continuously adding two bridge interfaces without assigning any Ethernet ports.


  • Use System Name as Host name for WAN via DHCP.
  • Enhance WAN security to close port 53 if Outbound FQDN rules are set.
  • Fixed the issue for Site-to-Site VPN connection not established after system reloading in some cases.
  • Fixed the issue for SecuPoint server to let it work in Passthrough Mode or under NAT.
  • Support URL filtering and Block page. (Cloud page to be updated)
  • Support EnGenius and 3rd-party DDNS function in Passthrough Mode. (Cloud page to be updated)
  • Support Client traffic statistics. (Cloud page to be updated)


  • Support Site-to-Site VPN Failover for ESG and Non-EnGenius Gateway.
  • Support EnGenius DDNS.
  • Support EnGenius SecuPoint VPN.
  • Revise LSP GUI style.
  • Fixed the issue for captive portal page not able to redirect to external splash page.
  • Fixed the routing issue upon enabling dual WAN where WAN interfaces have the same WAN gateway.
  • Note for Enhanced Security: The new firmware version (1.2.37) will remove the support for the less secure 3DES and MD5 options in IPSec Site-to-Site VPN Phase 2 settings, enhancing your data protection.


  • Add WWAN Failover Preference setting.
  • Add WWAN information for network statistics, packet loss, latency, and throughput.
  • Add USB port status for cellular dongle information.
  • Support PoE Reset function.
  • Revise System Name synchronization mechanism: (1) ESG510 will always set "System Name" according to cloud configuration. (2) ESG510 will synchronize "System Name" ONLY ONCE from DUT to Cloud if user manually revises it through LSP.
  • Fixed system hang-up issue occurred in some conditions when Captive Portal function enabled.
  • Fixed the Failover function fail issue when WAN1 or WAN2 has been assigned an IP address but is unable to access the Internet.
  • Fixed the Failover function when it sometimes fails to resume the primary WAN connection.
  • Fixed the Firewall function when FQDN string length is over 32 characters in the Outbound Rules and it causes Client VPN function fail.
  • Fixed the expiration time of DHCP Lease when it showed incorrect remaining time.
  • Fixed the Site-to-Site VPN Status that showed disconnection when static routing rule is added.
  • Fixed the issue that it is failed to establish Site-to-Site VPN connection when using non-EnGenius Gateway in Passthrough mode.
  • Fixed the issue that ESG510 is unable to reconnect to Non-EnGenius peer after Site-to-Site VPN connection is disconnected.
  • Fixed the issue for incorrect type setting of Local / Remote ID in Non-EnGenius Site-to-Site VPN settings.
  • Fixed the issue for incorrect DHCP Client ID on the WAN interface where the content of Option 61 should be the MAC address of ESG510 rather than "ESG510".


  • Add a function to override WAN MAC address setting on LSP.
  • Add a function to support Multi-Bridge function.
  • Add a function to support Per-Client bandwidth limitation.
  • Improve PPPoE throughput performance on Dual WAN (DHCP & PPPoE) case.
  • Revise Diag Tools for CPU loading stability.
  • Fixed the connection status issue where Non-EnGenius Peers' connection is connected but status is incorrect.
  • Fixed incorrect throughput result of WAN speed in Diag Tools.


  • Remove VPN disconnect message if it is caused by Re-Authentication.
  • Fixed the issue that Gateway Client will become empty when ESG510 is set to dual WAN but WAN2 port didn't plug in Ethernet cable.
  • Fixed the issue that is failed to set up DNS servers in WAN2 when WAN2's DNS server is set up to "Using Google Public DNS" or set up to "" manually.
  • Fixed the issue that Site-to-Site VPN will use non-Primary WAN to establish VPN tunnels sometimes.
  • Fixed SIP compatibility issue.
  • Fixed the issue that VPN Client list is empty when VPN client connected to ESG510 in Passthrough mode.


  • Fixed the issue that SIP Phone failed to register.
  • Fixed the issue that Firewall Outbound Rules will be failed to apply if setting up multiple source and destination IPs in a rule.
  • Fixed the issue for LAN-to-LAN communication where an untagged VLAN (Default LAN) client is not able to communicate with other tagged VLAN clients.
  • Fixed the issue when there’s a configured VLAN-tagged LAN interface in Gateway>Interfaces/LAN settings, the device will not boot up properly when this LAN interface is disabled.
  • Fixed the issue that Client VPN user will fail to query domains if a FQDN rule added in Firewall settings.


  • Error messages are now shown on LSP when ESG NTP, ICMP, HTTP, and HTTPS Internet connection health check fails.
  • Default System Name is now changed to "Model name" + "-" + “last 4 digits of MAC address”.
  • Fixed the issue that Client VPN and Allowed Services fail when a particular character is included in the ESG VPN user description.
  • Fixed the issue that mDNS floodings when ESG and downstream ECW AP are both performing mDNS forwarding.
  • Fixed the issue for Site-to-Site VPN with 3rd party VPN device.


  • Supports FQDN specification in firewall outbound rule.
  • Character set is revised to allow in LSP System Name setting: ‘0’-‘9’, ‘a’-‘z’, ‘A’-‘Z’ and '-'
  • Enables System Name synchronization with Cloud setting.
  • Fixed the issue that DHCP Lease information is not correctly displayed.
  • Fixed the issue that is unable to search APs across ESG LAN ports when using the EnGenius Locator tool .
  • Fixed the issue that mDNS Repeater does not work properly when WAN2 is enabled.
  • Fixed the issue that Captive Portal Walled Garden does not work properly in some cases.


  • Supports FQDN Hostname and wildcard specification in Walled Garden for Captive Portal service.
  • Adds new function for mDNS(multicast DNS) Repeater(default is enabled).
  • It is revised to send “WAN1”, ”WAN2” instead of “P4”, ”P3” in LLDP port description.
  • Fixed the issue for Client VPN service not active after firmware upgrade.


  • Adds Site-to-Site VPN in Passthrough mode.
  • Adds “Disable” option to disable Auto NAT Traversal.
  • Adds Diagnostic Tool with multiple WANs/LANs.
  • Fixed the issue to let VPN Peer "Network Name" correctly display in the Event Log and Notifications.
  • Fixed the issue that Captive Portal service occasionally does not work when WAN2 is toggled between enable/disable.
  • Fixed the issue where wrong ID/password is not displayed on the Captive Portal splash page.
  • Fixed the issue that incorrect WAN1 IP is displayed in LSP while VLAN is enabled in Passthrough mode.
  • Fixed the issue that firewall outbound rule does not work for Client VPN users in Passthrough mode.
  • Fixed the issue that DDNS update fails when DDNS is set to Custom.
  • Fixed the issue for Captive Portal and RADIUS service not working after firmware upgrade.


New Functions:

  • Adds Passthrough mode with the following features:
    • WAN1 uplink port setting
    • Client VPN
    • Outbound firewall rules to filter traffic from LAN clients
Filtering traffic from Client VPN users is not supported with Passthrough mode in this release.
  • Supports HTTPS login for LSP(Local Status Page).
  • DDNS update error message is displayed in the Event Log.
  • Revised function to make DDNS update on hourly basis, and when the WAN status is changed.
  • Fixed the issue that Gateway Client traffic record is incorrect.


  • Solve network topology display issue.
  • Solve synchronization issues between the local GUI account and the EnGeniusn Cloud server.
  • Solve DDNS hostname not displayed in Client VPN.