FitController User Manual

EnGenius FIT Network Management Controller (FitCon100)


To install this device, please refer to the Quick Installation Guide included in the product packaging.

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Before You Begin

To start using the EnGenius FitController system, you must prepare the following:

  • At least one supported EnGenius Fit-series wireless access point or switch.

  • An existing network connection including DHCP and DNS configuration.

Is Internet connection needed?

  1. FitController is an On-premises solution where permanent internet connection is not necessary.

Is your Network required with DHCP?

  1. You can either set static IP or DHCP (default setting) on your FitController.

  2. For some circumstances, static IP can be used to ease the debug.

Is FitController management within Subnet or Cross Subnet?

  1. The discovery of FitController service on the subnet is based on mdns. Therefore, managed device (AP/switch) is basically required to be in the same subnet of FitController.

  2. A newly installed Fit-series device would look for a FitController in the same subnet with mdns and then try to connect with FitController using HTTP/HTTPS protocols. There is a “pairing” procedure in FitController to approve the managed plan on that device.

  3. There are two ways to let FitController service across subnets:

    • Turn on the mDNS reflector if it is supported in your gateway. In this way, the mDNS message of FitController will be reflected to other subnets.

    • Utilize DHCP option43 to send FitController service IP to devices.

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