General Information

What is band steering?

The band steering feature encourages dual-band-capable clients to stay on the 5 GHz band on dual-band APs. This feature frees up resources on the 2.4 GHz band for single-band clients.

What does fast roaming do?

This feature uses protocols defined in 802.11r to allow continuous connectivity for wireless devices in motion, with fast and secure roaming from one AP to another. Both the SSID and security options must be the same in each AP for fast roaming to work.

What does STP do?

A Spanning Tree Protocol is a Layer 2 protocol that prevents loops in a network with redundant paths created by multiple APs.

What does Wireless Traffic Shaping do?

Wireless Traffic Shaping ensures that users do not consume more bandwidth than they should. We integrated wireless traffic shaping to enforce upload and download limits. Wireless traffic shaping can be applied per SSID or per user.

Download Limit: Specifies the allowed maximum bandwidth for downloading.

Upload Limit: Specifies the allowed maximum bandwidth for uploading.

Is there any concern in setting the Transmit Power of EnGenius AP to Auto?

When the transmit power is set to Auto, EnGenius AP is broadcast with maximum transmit power. In different network deployments and environments, broadcasting with maximum transmit power is not necessary, since it cannot ensure some client devices with weaker transmit power (e.g., smartphones, tablets) will be able to communicate back to the access point.

What is Client Isolation?

Client Isolation does not allow clients that connect to the same BSSID to communicate with each other.

What is Layer 2 Isolation? Does it block the communication from wireless clients to wired clients/devices?

Layer 2 Isolation prevents communication between wired and wireless clients in the network. This enables every wireless or wired subscriber to prevent communication to each other even if they are within the same subnet.

What is VLAN Isolation?

When more than one network usage type is being implemented, VLANs are required to isolate traffic between SSIDs. When this option is enabled with a specified VLAN ID in a SSID profile, each SSID is associated with a particular VLAN.

How many SSIDs does the EnGenius APs support?

EnGenius APs support 16 SSIDs (8 for each band).

What is the default IP address and username password of EnGenius APs?

The default IP address is, and Username/Password are both admin.

What operation mode does EnGenius indoor AP support?

EnGenius indoor AP supports Access Point, WDS Access Point, WDS Bridge, Repeater and Mesh mode.

What operation mode does EnGenius outdoor AP support?

EWS outdoor AP supports Access Point, WDS Access Point, WDS Bridge, WDS Station and Mesh mode.

ENS620EXT supports Access Point, Client Bridge, WDS Access Point, WDS Bridge, WDS Station, Repeater and Mesh mode.

ENH1350EXT / ENH1750EXT support Access Point, Client Bridge, WDS Access Point, WDS Bridge, WDS Station and Mesh mode.

ENH500v3 / ENS500ACv2 / ENS500EXTACv2 / EnStation5ACv2 and EnsStationACv2 5G single-band outdoor AP supports Access Point, Client Bridge, WDS Access Point, WDS Station and WDS Bridge (when EnJet is disabled) mode.

ENS202v2 / ENS202EXTv2 2.4G signal-band outdoor AP supports Access Point, Client Bridge, Client Router, WDS Access Point, WDS Station and WDS Bridge and Repeater mode.

What is the LED definition of EAP1250 and EWS330?

Led behavior


Green solid

AP is powering on

Yellow solid

AP is ready for configuration

Blue solid

AP has Internet connection

Red Blinking

AP lost Internet connection

What are the models of outdoor devices in which its secondary port is PoE Capable 802.3af (output)?

The following EnGenius devices have secondary ports that are 802.3af PSE output ports: ENH1750EXT, EnStationACv2, EWS860AP.

However, the PoE output will only work when using its own PoE injector and power adapter.

It is not possible to set up multiple pairs of outdoor bridges as Link Aggregation Groups links on managed switches. The outdoor bridge does not support LACP protocol, and the spanning tree protocol (STP) will prevent parallel usage over a LAG link.

What would be the leftover performance when using WDS Access Point mode?

Both WDS and AP connections share the total bandwidth, no bandwidth will be reserved for either WDS link or Access Point.

Is WDS transparent for MAC addresses and VLAN?

Yes, any working combination of WDS modes (e.g., WDS bridge to WDS bridge or WDS AP to WDS STA) is transparent to both MAC address and VLAN.

What does RSSI mean?

RSSI stands for Received Signal Strength Indicator. It is an estimated measure of power level that an RF client device is receiving from an access point. At longer distances, the signal gets weaker and the wireless data rates get slower, leading to a lower overall data throughput. Signal is measured by the receive signal strength indicator (RSSI), which in most cases indicates how well a particular radio can hear remote connected client radios.

What is acceptable Signal Strength?

For point-to-(multi)point applications, the optimal RSSI on each end of the wireless link is between -48 dBm and -65 dBm to achieve the highest possible data rates.

If the signal strength is greater than -35 dBm, then the electronic amplifiers get saturated because the signal is too strong, which degrades throughput performance. In such scenarios, turning down the power to minimum (11 dBm) may be insufficient, and if so, we recommend purposely misaligning the antennas.

If the signal strength is less than -75 dBm (typical for very long distance), it may be difficult to sustain a link reliably or to achieve high throughputs, especially in the presence of external interference. For long distance shots, EnGenius recommends using laser tooling to optimize the antenna alignment so as to maximize the signal.

There is an ENMGMTXXXXXX SSID being broadcast from EnGenius AP, for security reasons can I turn it off?

By default, the Management SSID will be turned off when:

  1. Device is in factory default settings and idle for 30 minutes.

  2. The configuration has been done and idle for 15 minutes.

If the user needs to turn on the management SSID again, please reboot the device.

There is also an option in the web GUI which allows users to turn the management SSID always on or off.

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