How do I resolve Incompatible firmware version error on ezMaster?

When adding a new access point that has an outdated firmware version, you will see "Incompatible Version" after adding the AP to the AP list. The controller will then send a message to the user that the firmware of the access point(s) is incompatible and ask to check for updates.

Step 1: Controller will provide the list of Access Point(s) that has firmware available from the server. Check the boxes for the AP that you would like to update and click the “Update” button below.

Step 2: The controller will ask the user to confirm the update.

Step 3: The firmware update will take several minutes, depending on the number of APs to update and the speed of the internet connection.

Step 4: After successfully updating the firmware, go to “Device Management” and click “Access Points” to check the status of the Managed Access Points.

What should I do if port 1234 is closed after doing a connectivity test on ezMaster?

Please refer to your firewall or router's user manual for instructions to open both inbound and outbound UDP port 1234.

After doing OCU or bulk firmware update, some APs keep showing that they are connecting. What can I do?

If you can still ping /access the AP, you can remove the AP which shows it's connecting from the Access Points list. After removing, you can then add it back from Pending Approval to avoid possible configuration conflict between ezMaster and AP.

I cannot see any AP appear in the pending approval list. What can I do?

  1. Make sure you only have one ezMaster server in your network.

  2. Login to the AP's web GUI and go to "Management" --> "Controller Settings" and check if Connection Status shows the AP has been managed by any ezMaster server (IP address).

  3. Make sure the Controller Address field is empty or pointed to your ezMaster server's IP address.

  4. If you are using another brand's switch in your network, make sure the switch is allowing "unknown multicast" traffic to pass through.

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