Presence Service

For applications like CRM tools, presence analytics, or location-aware services which need to continuously gather presence data of wireless clients, EnGenius Cloud Acess Points are capable of delivering realtime presence data to fulfill the requirement.

EnGenius Presence Service can have cloud managed APs continuously gathering 802.11 probe request frames sent by wireless clients and then sending the data to 3rd party servers configured in EnGenius Cloud.


In EnGeniusCloud, the configuration of presence service is at

General Settings > AP > Advanced Settings

Following parameters can be configured in the page:



Server Location

3rd party server address


Secret used to generate a SHA256 HMAC signature, over the payload (the JSON message). The signature is then added to a custom HTTP header (“Signature”) in the POST message.


Interval between two consecutive message been sent.

Data Format

Please contact EnGenius RBU to get the details of data format if you are interesting in integrating your software with EnGenius Presence Services.