A comprehensive Wireless Intrusion Prevention System to create a secure wireless network.
Wi-Fi security risks are always something to consider when providing any kind of wireless service. With the inception of next-gen technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and Metaverse, secure WiFi access has become a critical component of enterprise and small business networking. The pandemic has even made Wi-Fi security more essential to home networking since working from home is common nowadays.
EnGenius AirGuard© is a full-featured solution with advanced wireless security technologies that allows network administrators to build a secure, efficient, and easy to manage Wi-Fi network. The core concept of AirGuard is to be able to prove that your security solution defends your business against Wi-Fi attacks and deliver the following benefits:
  • Provide automatic detection and protection from Wi-Fi threats:
  • Containing rogue SSIDs to prevent user connections to unauthorized APs.
  • Allow legitimate external APs to operate in the same airspace.