Integrate with External Splash Page

Using an external splash page allows you full control over the sequencing and presentation of a splash page. Alternatively, internal splash page are simpler, but provide less flexibility. External splash pages are stored and executed on a web server that user define, and must respond appropriately to certain messages from the Access Point in order to present appropriate user-interface to the user at various stages of the authentication process.

When combined with RADIUS Authentication, EnGeniusCloud will consult an external RADIUS server that you specify in order to determine whether to authenticate the user. The user interface presented to the user will be determined by the external splash page.

Most EnGenius customers who need a captive portal authentication system on their wireless networks use the customizable splash pages that are hosted by EnGeniusCloud. However, some network administrators may prefer to host a captive portal page on their own servers. This Section shows you how to configure EnGeniusCloud to adopt external splash page with an external RADIUS server to handle authentication.

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