EnGenius Solution and Benefits

AirGuard to Protect the WLAN

EnGenius AirGuard is the way EnGenius detects the attacks of RF jamming, de-authentication and dis-association abnormal frames, evil twins and identifies rogue SSID’s from rogue APs. AirGuard also provides ways to set rogue rules and whitelist rules by identifying SSID names or radio MAC addresses.

Diagnostic Tools to Easily Find the Root Cause

EnGenius provides diagnostic tools for each AP to see the channel utilization of Wi-Fi and non-WiFi traffic, and waterfall spectrum to see what congestion of the channel looks like overtime. The tools also provide the capability to do ping, traceroute, and live client list.

Secured Cloud-connected Devices

Every EnGenius Cloud device has a built-in certificate from the factory and requires multiple authentication methods to be able to connect to EnGenius Cloud. Only management traffic will flow through EnGenius Cloud. All other user important data flows will not pass through EnGenius Cloud to protect user privacy.

Features for High Availability

EnGenius Cloud zero-wait DFS is perfectly suitable for a high density environment to leverage as many available channels as possible. Also, the auto-channel selection (ACS) algorithm allows the AP to find a clearer channel for best connection.

Security Compliance Features

The EnGenius Cloud AP supports myPSK by setting a unique PSK for each user to protect the passphrase from leakage. The Cloud AP also supports WPA3, 802.11w for more secure WLAN connection from breach over the air. EnGenius Cloud enforces the auto firmware upgrade to make sure all managed AP firmware versions are most up-to-date to amend any vulnerability issues. EnGenius Cloud also keeps checking if the default credential has changed and will keep warning users to change the default password. A sophisticated floor plan tool helps users to see heap maps of the floor and how walls, doors, and other obstacles affect coverage. Administrators can use the floor map combined with AirGuard to find the rogue source location by identifying the detected AP list on the floor map.

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