License Overview

Start with essential features and upgrade with Pro licenses.

EnGenius Cloud provides two types of feature plans, Basic and PRO. You need to set up the feature plan to either Basic or PRO for product categories.

The Basic feature plan comes with essential cloud features for free, and the PRO plan requires a Pro license to enable managed devices with professional features.

  • Users can choose any feature plan combination for different device categories. For example, you only need basic management features of Switches but require professional features of Access Points.

  • Each device category will follow its Feature Plan(Basic or PRO) to keep the logs and capacity of advanced features accordingly.

  • System-wide features like “admin users count, and Network limitation…etc.” will remain PRO as long as there is one PRO feature plan is enabled for any device category.

  • Users can change the feature plan between Basic and PRO anytime.

When a device category is switched from PRO to Basic, all privileges that exceed the limit of the Basic plan will be erased and all professional features related will be disabled.

Feature Plan Comparison:

Click here to see the full comparison table. (Basic vs. PRO)

EnGenius Cloud is per-device licensing

The EnGenius Cloud License on each device operates independently. Per-device licensing allows the IT managers to manage the validity of single or multiple licenses across sites and regions. In addition, per-device licensing makes network management more effortless.

Users with Org admin privilege can associate the license to any registered device. Once you assign this license-associated device to any Network in your Organization, the license is activated and will expire after the license term defined in the license model, as measured from the activation date.

Simple and straightforward management of Per-device licensing

  • Each license can only be associated with one device (Device A)

  • A Device can have multiple licenses associated with it to extend the expired date (Device B)

  • Devices might have different license expired dates based on the valid duration you associated with it. (Device A, B)

  • All devices of the same category within the Organization must follow the same Feature Plan (Basic/ PRO)

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