Option C: Standalone Configuration

Option C: Standalone Configuration

Step 1: Access to Local Web

  1. Connect your computer to the switch and ensure its IP address is in the same subnet.

2. Launch your web browser and enter the URL: to access the switch's local web GUI.

3. Use the default login credential (ID/PWD: admin/password) to log in to the switch's local web page.

Step2: Configure and Manage the Device

After logging in to the device's local web page, navigate to the left-side menu to configure and manage the switch accordingly.

For information on configuring the switch and using the Standalone Configuration, refer to the user guide: https://docs.engenius.ai/fit-switch-user-manual/

How to Change Management Mode?

EnGenius Fit devices support versatile network management methods, but the device can only be managed under one management mode, either FitXpress, FitController, or Standalone. Therefore, you need to reset the device before changing to a different management mode, followed by QSG instructions for onboarding the device.

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