Option A: Cloud Management

Option A: Cloud Management with FitXpress

Step 1: Connecting to Ethernet

Connect the Ethernet cable from the EnGenius Fit Switch directly to the DHCP-enabled network and make sure the switch can reach the Internet.

Step 2: Register Device

You can register the switch with the FitXpress app.

  1. Open the FitXpress mobile app and create an account.

  2. Log in and go to the Devices section. Click the Add(+) button.

  3. Scan the QR code on the back of the device via the app.

4. If the camera successfully scans a QR code, the app will display the device Information. You could tap "Register" to complete the registration.

Step 3: Connect to the FitXpress

Once the device is powered on and ready to connect to the Internet, the PWR LED will stay Solid On, which means the device is now connected to the FitXpress platform. It will automatically download the default configuration settings from FitXpress for automated provisioning.

When the switch is connected to the FitXpress platform for the first time, it will automatically check the latest available firmware. If the firmware upgrade is required, it might take 8~10 minutes to complete the process.

Step 4: Manage with FitXpress

Log in to the FitXpress app to configure detailed settings and monitor your devices.

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