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Management Plane

Management Plane

EnGenius Fit provides flexibility to manage your devices based on your network planning and deployment.
Option A: Cloud Management
Option B: On-Premises Management
Option C: Standalone Configuration

Cloud Management

Manage and monitor the switch through the FitXpress Platform with a mobile app or through the web portal.
FitXpress App (iOS/Android )

On-Premises Management

If you want to manage the device in an on-premises manner, a management station running the FitController is necessary—located on-site and connected to the same Layer 2 network.
FitController is a custom-built appliance with optimized network management software installed to ease the onsite deployment without manual server configurations.

Standalone Configuration

You can locate the computer, connect to the same network (subnet) as the switch and use the web browser to access the device's local web GUI page for configurations whenever the device is in Standalone mode.
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