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CloudSwitch MGPlus 8 Full PoE

Cloud Managed 8-Port 240W PoE++ Multi-Gigabit 2.5 Gb Switch with 4 x SFP+ Uplink Ports(ECS2512FP)


This Quick Start Guide is designed to guide you through the installation of the CloudSwitch MGPlus 8 Full PoE, model ECS2512FP, including hardware installation and configuration.

CloudSwitch MGPlus 8 Full PoE

Model: ECS2512FP

  • 8 x 2.5 G PoE++ Ports to unleash elevated speeds for NAS, workstations or WiFi 6 APs.
  • 4 x Dual-Speed 10G SFP+ (fiber) uplink ports to high-speed NAS and servers for a high-performance network.

Package Contents

System Requirements

Web Browser:

  • Google Chrome (57.0.2987.110 and later)
  • Microsoft Edge (80.0.361.103 and later)
  • Mozilla Firefox (52.0 and later)

Hardware Overview

Front Panel - Ports & Buttons

  • Reset to default: Press and hold for over 10 seconds, and all ports LED will go off and on. Then the device will be reset to factory default settings.
  • Change LED display mode: Press the button to change the LED mode to display the PoE status of PoE-abled ports.

Front Panel - System & Ports LEDs

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