Configuring Switch Settings
This setting allows you to configure Systems & Protocols in the network at once. This gives you to configure the System setting and apply it to whole Switches in the network. you can access this screen by Configure > Switch settings.
Many MSP or SI would like to be able to “group configure port settings” in the Network. Switch Template feature helps users to apply same port configuration to all switch with same models in the Network to save time of configuration one by one.
you can access this screen by Configure > Switch Settings > Template
  • You can create any template by Model type (or click on “Edit” of the template). The setting is similar to Individual Switch port settings.
  • Apply to All will apply the Switch Template to all devices of the same model in the Network.
  • The uplink port will not be overridden by the template to prevent losing connection.
  • Uplink port couldn't be the Mirror destination port
  • PoE on the ports should be enabled when the ports are configured the PoE schedule on the devices.
You can apply the switch template to the same model of the switches from
Manage > Switch List > choose the Switches to be applied > Choose Apply Template
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